Providing Union Specialty Installation

We provide high-quality professional installation services coast to coast. Legendary plays, defining discoveries & strong friendships lay a foundation of community pride. Empower your legacy by building, rebuilding or renovating with Haldeman Homme, Inc.

Two construction workers at a jobsite
hands with safety gloves measuring a board and marking it with a pencil
Woman construction worker standing with arms crossed


When you work with Haldeman Homme, Inc. safety on the job extends beyond your physical being. We support the safety of beliefs, individuality, race, religion and gender. It is no accident that Haldeman Homme, Inc. is consistently rated one of the best companies to work for, and with. It’s simply because you belong here. As a client or a contractor.


We are a proud sponsor of NAWIC National Association for Women in Construction. Currently 85% of our industry jobs for women are office level, behind the scenes making sure projects run smoothly and on time. Just 3% of women are in the field and we are excited to expand that number in the years ahead.


In 1994 our founders Haldeman Homme, Inc. set up a college scholarship fund to benefit the children and grandchildren of their employees. To date, the scholarship has paid out over $700,000 dollars leading to the degrees for over 70 students.